The Importance of Traditional Media in Today’s Society

Only when people stop questioning the world around them will the future of journalism be in real trouble… We hear everyday about the death of traditional print and broadcast media as more and more turn to online sites for their daily news bites but for all the talk of its decline traditional news outlets are still hanging in there. This is something to be thankful for. Although social media is a fantastic platform for allowing people to share ideas and opinions it is still vital to have unbiased journalism. Everyone has opinions and thanks to social media you can share those opinions quite freely. This positive can also be a negative however, which is why objective journalism will always have its place. Some may disagree and say that many newspapers have their own motives and agendas but for the most part you cannot beat traditional media for providing facts above opinion. Everything has its place in the world but I believe society will always need objective journalism regardless of the progression and growth of social media.

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Christine is a PR consultant and owner of DMpr. She has worked with some of the largest national and multi-national companies and her PR work has been recognised and nationally awarded.

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