Social Media & Digital Marketing

workspace-766045_1920Social Media & Digital Marketing

The internet is a crowded place. We leverage targeted, meaningful storytelling across platforms to make sure that your audience can find you online – with the right message at the right time. Social media & digital marketing is only effective with a strategy that supports long-term content development and aligns with your business image and goals. We determine key messages, develop a cohesive strategy, generate daily content, create exciting campaigns or promotions, and deliver measurable engagement and growth. You name the social media networks – DMpr will help you master them. We can work with you to develop your brand personality by creating engaging content that supports your wider communications. At DMpr we can help you to embrace the digital world and develop a strategy which will enable your business to blossom. We recognise that social media presents a huge opportunity for businesses to reach both old and new customers in a way that hadn’t been possible before. Many of our clients find social media daunting and time consuming, but we can stop you from feeling overwhelmed and show you how a small amount of focused activity can yield amazing results. We can work with you to develop your brand personality through social media by creating engaging content that also supports your wider communications activity. We will make sure all of your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and many more can be fully integrated into your website. In this way we will explore ways to improve your search engine optimisation and generate increased traffic to your website. As well as social media, we can also help further with Search Engine Optimisation with content marketing. Content marketing is the way you use digital platforms to connect with potential customers in a relevant way that engages them and encourages them to use your business. With this we can use our traditional platforms such as PR to help grow your content marketing machine to create content.