BLOG: The O’Donovan Brothers -If You Can Dream It You Can Do It


Life Lessons and the O'Donovan Brothers

The lack of blog posts coincides with one of the busiest summers ever at DMpr. Anyone who knows the lads have known for many years that Gary and Paul possess something truly special - the power to pull an oar at a rate of knots and the ability to make people sit up and listen and want to hear more from them. Gary and Paul (aka The O'Donovan Brothers) have made everyone realise that if you can dream it, you can do it with hard work, perseverance and self belief - all while remaining true to yourself. For me it has been a pleasure to work with Skibbereen Rowing Club in raising awareness of this brilliant club that has been churning out World class athletes for decades under the guidance of inspirational people who give freely of their time and expertise to create what is surely the best and most successful rowing club in the country. Every successful club or business has a leader who has the foresight and ambition to  achieve great things and in the case of Skibbereen Rowing Club, that person is Head Coach Dominic Casey who has for countless years been toiling in the background to bring the best out in youngsters who pass through the club. Herein lies the evidence that hard work brings great rewards and this is true in all aspects of life. It is not the one who shouts the loudest, but the one who works the hardest that is rewarded. Here are some images of life from DMpr and the O'Donovan Brothers over the past couple of weeks; Skibbereen Rowing club tshirts 20160903_010033_resized Gary & Paul O'Donovan pictured at Skibbereen rowing club giving a press conference with their coach Dominic Casey. Photography by: Emma Jervis Provision 280816 OLYMPIC SILVER MEDALISTS GARY AND PAUL O'DONOVAN on parade in SKIBEREEN PIC MICHAEL MAC SWEENEY/PROVISION Provision 280816 OLYMPIC SILVER MEDALISTS GARY AND PAUL O'DONOVAN AT SKIBEREEN ROWING CLUB PIC MICHAEL MAC SWEENEY/PROVISION

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