Blog: How much does PR Cost?


How much does PR Cost?

The question of cost is top of most of our minds when we set out to purchase anything. Be it a new TV or pair of shoes, it's important to have done some homework and decide whether you want to buy an investment piece or just something that will do short term. The same can be applied when 'shopping' around for a PR company to work with. If you're buying a pair of hiking boots which you want to last for as many hills and miles as possible the chances are you're not going to take Lidl up on their weekly specials deals on hiking boots. Rather, you will want to do your homework, set a budget and find the best boots out there. I so often hear business owners say that they could never afford PR but yet when asked, will say that they've never actually looked at what it might cost or think about the returns it can provide for their business. These are just a couple of things to bear in mind thinking about PR for your business;
  1. What are my objectives? Try to be as optimistic as possible here - what type of coverage or publicity do you want to achieve, what will it look or sound like to your target audience and how do you think it can be achieved?
  1. Budget? It is always useful to have at least an approximate budget in mind. Again, be realistic but know what your accounts can allow for and try to stick to it. I have seen businesses enter talks with larger agencies wanting and genuinely needing PR and before they leave they have been sold a rebrand, new packaging, a video for their website and a PR campaign that won't speak to their target audience. Know what you want, be open to ideas but remember what you can afford. If you want a comfortable pair of walking shoes then you don't want or need to be sold an expensive pair of Prada slippers that won't be suitable for wearing outside the door!
  1. How long? Again, this is down to your budget. A good PR company will be able to advise whether your business should look at highlighting a specific project or campaign right now to give your business a PR boost or if you might need something more long term like a monthly retainer for a longer term brand building or repositioning exercise.
Depending on where you are looking PR can be expensive but DMpr has the power to yield amazing results in a creative and client-centered way and it could well be the best money you ever spent on your business!    

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Christine is a PR consultant and owner of DMpr. She has worked with some of the largest national and multi-national companies and her PR work has been recognised and nationally awarded.

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