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Affirm what's Good...

thank-you I recently wrote a blog about Manners in Business and it got me thinking even further about that subject. Perhaps it’s something that was drilled into me by my parents or something that I have discovered in my professional life (most likely both) but the little word “thanks” has huge positive effects. To me, to affirm what’s good is essential. Not to say thanks in my personal life is something I best try to avoid. However, to not say thanks to clients or even those who help better my business is a grave mistake with potential dire consequences. I have learned that by keeping in with for example; journalists, businesses and anyone else I depend on in my business tends to make my work life easier and more effective. When I begin a project I always ensure that I deliver the goods as best as possible, sometimes even working many hours over the intended budget at no extra cost to the client. It is so rewarding and affirming to receive wonderful gifts, cards, texts, emails and telephone calls from clients but a simple and free “thank you” is equally as effective. It strikes me as rather unfortunate when appreciation is not conveyed. Even if gratitude is purely for selfish reasons – it still is welcome, if somewhat clever to show affirmation to those who better you or your company. The book How to Win Friends & Influence People in the Digital Age speaks of how effective affirming words can be. One particular part brought my attention to a piece on the academy award-winning film The King's Speech. The story explains how a common man with an uncommon touch helped a stuttering prince become a non-stuttering king. The Prince who was known as Bertie to his family was helped by Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue. After much trials and tribulations, Logue cleverly tells Bertie “you’re the bravest man that I know”. These affirming words had a life-changing impact on the Prince’s belief in himself and ultimately his ability to speak. For me, the best part was that these words cost nothing to say but resulted in massive results. Do you affirm? Thanks for reading my blog!

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