You Get What You Give

Just like everything else in the world, the nicer you are the more you seem to get back. Therefore, the nicer you are to a service provider, chances are the better the service you will receive in return. Thinking about this made me think of how all of us tend to go the extra mile for those who appreciate what we do so here are just two quick tips for getting more from your service providers be they in PR, design, plumbing – whatever!

Be Friendly

So maybe you’re just having a bad day and you didn’t mean to sound abrupt on that call or come across short on the last email. Perhaps you’re in a hurry or you’re having a particularly crappy day – does that mean you can skimp on the niceties to those that are providing you with a service? Some people think that by being tough and/or ungrateful will make their provider work harder for them or by not giving praise means that you are happy enough with what they are doing – I suppose we can all be guilty of this. However, it is proven that being nice doesn’t cost you anything and encourages people to try harder and go that extra step to make you even happier. Give praise, say thank you, write a card or even cheaper, an email – it won’t take long and you’ll see a marked difference in how you are treated in return. It’s karma! Give: Friendliness and Gratitude Get: The extra mile

Take ideas on Board – dare to be different

Don’t shoot down ideas because you’ve never done “that” in the past. This isn’t the past – it’s always a  good time to step up your image and new ideas which may seem a little bit crazy are often the ones that take you to higher ground and help you stand out from your competition. I know that I am extra motivated when working on  creative campaigns for clients who just get it and want to break the mould. So don’t be afraid to test the waters and trust your provider. Give: Trust Get: Creativity and Motivation

About Christine

Christine is a PR consultant and owner of DMpr. She has worked with some of the largest national and multi-national companies and her PR work has been recognised and nationally awarded.

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