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KDC, which was founded in 2004 is noted as one of the country’s most progressive food and beverage companies, supplying over 400 product lines to retailers all over the country. Last year, the company had a turnover of €2.2million. The signing of this deal to secure the franchise for the Traidcraft product range for the Irish market copper fastens this already strong reputation. Traidcraft was established in 1979 as a Christian response to poverty and today is the UK’s leading fair trade organisation. Traidcraft work with more than 100 producer groups to provide 250 fair trade food, craft and textile products. Speaking of the deal, Gerard Barry, Managing Director of KDC said “This is a very significant deal for the company and one which will no doubt increase business and employment levels in the coming twelve months. Retail sales of Fairtrade mark products have increased steadily since we began in 2004 and the core business remains buoyant in spite of the recessionary environment. There are thirty eight towns and cities in Ireland which are certified as “Fairtrade” towns. Although the Irish population are awakening to the importance of fair trade, there is yet some education to be done on what fair trade actually means and the benefits of buying fair-trade products. I believe that this deal with Traidcraft will strengthen the Fairtrade sector in Ireland and will give retailers and consumers alike a greater selection of products to choose from.” Also speaking of the deal, Andrew Sturgess, Food Wholesale National Account Manager with Traidcraft said “We are pleased to be associated and partnering with KDC to develop the Irish Fairtrade market. Traidcraft are Fairtrade pioneers since the late 70s and we are very excited at the opportunity to work with KDC and see Irish sales grow this year, ultimately to help and provide assistance to our producer partners in developing countries. Products which are now available exclusively through KDC are Clipper beverages, Divine Chocolate, Dove Farm Foods, Buchanan Sweets, Percol Coffee, Natural Beverage Co, Zaytoun, and One Water.

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